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What Platform is the Tribal Portal built on?

We get asked from time to time what platform the Tribal Portal is built on, so here goes. 

At it's core, it's built on:

  • Wordpress - the main part of our portal where the Tribal Library, Marketing Vault etc is lives on Wordpress with the BOSS Theme (heavily customized by us)
  • Learndash - this manages our Workshops with Lessons / Modules / Completion Certificates etc
  • Invision Community IPBoard - our Community Forum, this is connected to Wordpress so our members only need to login to a single platform
  • Active Campaign - this is our CRM and stores our members information
  • Memberium - this connects ActiveCampaign to Wordpress so our members data is synced from our CRM to Wordpress

In addition to that, there are an additional ~30 Wordpress Plugins and ~10 IPBoard Plugins that we use to deliver lots of different functionality across the site.

Plus, we have built a number of our own Custom Wordpress Plugins to enable a bunch of functionality, including things like the Tribal Map, the Extra Team Member Management System, the PAUSE & CANCEL process etc. 

On top of all the technology, we have invested something like $300k-$400k over the past 4 years into development work to heavily customize things with our own unique designs, CSS, PHP Code etc. 

If you're looking to replicate a similar experience to the Tribe, my recommendation would be to NOT do what we've done.

Don't get me wrong, we LOVE our platform and we get praise about the experience all the time

However, operating a platform like ours needs a LOT of management and maintenance just to keep it alive and it has a lot of technical debt which slows down our execution.

Each time one of the 50+ tools has an update or patch, we need to test to make sure it doesn't break things (and it often does). 

At any one time, we typically have 15-30 open bugs across the platform that our full-time developers are working through. 

We have a huge bunch of SOPs that manage this process and it takes up considerable development time and because everything is built on Wordpress, we've also invested at least another $100k (and ongoing) in our Cybersecurity to protect everything as much as we can. 

So, unless you have the technical resources in house (typically 2 x Full-Time techs and at least 6 figures of investment capital up front), I personally wouldn't try to replicate what we have. 

Instead, check out some of the SaaS Platforms out there like:

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