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My bank/country doesn’t allow recurring billing on credit cards, is there another way to pay for my membership?

Short answer is, unfortunately no, we can only accept credit card payment ? 

We’ve seen cases like India for example where the Reserve Bank of India prohibits automatic recurring charges over a certain amount, requiring customer authorization for each individual charge, which unfortunately causes problems for some of our members.

Another case for example would be Mexico, where their tax laws require us to set up a corporation in Mexico to be able to bill via Credit Card, which unfortunately, at the moment, wouldn’t make financial sense for us we don’t even have 10 members in Mexico.

Fortunately, there are services that allow you to have a US Bank Card such as US Unlocked that you can use. A quick Google search will yield several results.


This is in no way an endorsement of US Unlocked and we only include it as an example of a service that you might consider. Make sure to perform your own due diligence on any service that you decide to use, including US Unlocked which again, we don’t endorse.

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