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Can I have a Word Doc version of a checklist/template?

We believe Microsoft Word is quite possibly the worst tool in the world to store & manage Checklists ?

So, whilst we create a lot of our Checklists & Surveys in Word, depending on their use case, we quite often upload them as PDFs.

The reason do this is to encourage you to print them out and cross out each item AS you enter them into whatever SOP / Process / Checklist system you use in your MSP to manage your Checklists (which is hopefully not Microsoft Word).

Here’s some of the tools that are MUCH better suited (than Word) to storing and managing Checklists:

  • Your PSA / Ticketing System (e.g. ConnectWise / Autotask etc)
  • Your Documentation Tool (e.g. IT Glue / IT Boost etc)
  • Dedicated Business Checklists (e.g. Process Street, System Hub etc)
  • Project Management Tools (Asana, Trello, ClickUp etc)
  • Wiki Tools (e.g. Confluence, Notion etc)
  • Heck, even OneNote or Evernote is better than Word for managing Checklists

So, if you ask us for a Word Version of a Checklist, we’ll very likely point you to this page in the hope that we’ll encourage you to NOT use Microsoft Word to store all your Checklists.

Please also keep in mind that due to things like fonts etc – Word Versions of our documents might not look very nice on your computer as we don’t embed the 3rd party fonts we use in all our Word docs so we can keep file sizes down.

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