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My first Invoice isn’t showing in the Stripe Customer Portal?


On 1st Dec 2023 we migrated from ThriveCart to Stripe so this issue no longer exists for members who joined us after the 1st of December. It only happened for Members who joined us before 1st Dec 2023. 

If you joined the Tech Tribe before 1st Dec 2023, our old billing engine (ThriveCart) emailed you a copy of your first Invoice/Receipt (from receipts@thrivecart.email).

However, you will notice that this initial Invoice doesn’t show up in the Stripe Customer Portal (linked to from this page).

Instead, a $0 invoice shows in its place. 

If you need us to resend you a copy of the correct first month's Invoice/Receipt, simply shoot us email on help@thetechtribe.com and we’ll shoot you a copy ASAP.

If you're curious why this happens, here's the technical reason:

Why does this happen?

Before 1st December 2023, we used to use a billing engine / platform called ThriveCart.

When you joined the Tech Tribe back then, ThriveCart gathered all your billing details and sets up a Subscription in Stripe to bill you every month for your membership.

However, for some reason, ThriveCart didn't include the first month's payment in the Stripe Subscription they created and instead processes this first payment as a completely separate, non-related payment in Stripe.

At the same time, they create a $0 invoice against the Subscription that was just created for you (this is why you see the $0 one). 

Since the Stripe Customer Portal only shows Invoices from Subscriptions, this means that your very first payment never shows in there.

(we asked ThriveCart to fix this many times and they never did, it was one of the many reasons we ended up migrating away from them)

If you joined the Tribe before 1st De 2023 and you can’t find the original email you were sent with your first months Invoice/Receipt, simply shoot us an email on help@thetechtribe.com and we’ll send on over a copy  

NOTE: all future payments AFTER the first month's payment show up perfectly in the Stripe Customer Portal – it’s just the first month's one that’s the issue and ONLY for people who joined the Tribe before 1st Dec 2023. 

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