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Can I post Affiliate Links?

At the moment we don’t allow affiliate links to be posted in the Tribe.

The main reason is that if we did allow it, the flood gates would open to people posting affiliate links willy-nilly.

(willy-nilly = Aussie slang for LOTS ?).

The integrity of the conversations in our Community is very important to us

Both in the reduction of unnecessary noise / posting.

And, in the bias & intentions of posts being made.

So we have a hard Tribal Law that no affiliate links can be posted.

What about awesome Offers / Deals?

However, if you do come across some sort of deal or special offer that could benefit the majority of our Tribe Members, then please definitely post it inside the Tribe ? 

(without an affiliate link of course)

The emphasis being on the word majority.

So, if the special deal or bundle or offer you’re looking to post about won’t benefit the majority of the Tribe, then let’s keep it out so we can keep the Community uncluttered.

Sure, it’s a bit of a grey line to work out what could benefit the majority of the Tribe, so here’s some examples to help out:

Example 1:

App Sumo has just announced a ridiculously awesome time-limited deal that has a pile of different Marketing tools that most Tech Tribers could benefit from using for their Marketing.

Because the majority of the Tribe could benefit, this offer is OK to post about in the Sales & Marketing section of the Community.

(as long as the link you post isn’t an affiliate link, of course)

Example 2:

An MSP Vendor that you work with is offering a special deal for the end of one of their quarters and has asked you if you’d share it inside the Tech Tribe.

The deal would only be helpful for a small number of Tribers who are looking at that specific tool at that specific time.

This type of post would not be allowed.

But why, you ask? It might seem odd that this one wouldn’t be allowed.

The reasoning is that there is somewhere around 2,000+ vendors serving the MSP Industry in some way shape or form.

And a LOT of them have regular and quarterly special deals.

If you do the math, you’ll see that as we grow and if we allowed this, the flood gates of craziness would open up and turn the Tribe into #promotionhell ? 

So please, use your best intuition here when posting and keep the majority of the Tribe in mind when you make your decision around whether something is worthy of posting.

Not about the Beer Money          

Please know that we haven’t built this guideline to stop you from earning a little beer money ? 

Quite the contrary, if it was just about that – we’d allow affiliate links everywhere!

We’ve built this guideline because we care so deeply about the integrity of the conversations that happen in our Tribe.

And, we do everything we can to make sure our Community is a safe space away from unnecessary noise and promotion so that we can all focus on the more important business and community level conversations the Tribe is known for!

There are some free Facebook / Reddit and LinkedIn MSP communities where you may be able to post Affiliate Links, so it might be worthwhile hunting them down to see if you can post there to top-up your beer money account ?



As we continue growing, we will likely need to evolve this policy if the posting of deals & offers starts to impact the noise and usability of the Community. 

So, know that there will likely be changes to this from time to time. 

Thanks team ?✌ 


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