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How can I get help from other members?

One of the greatest features of this community, is the community itself. We have some fantastic people always willing to lend a hand, so don’t be afraid to reach out in our Hands & Feet Agreements / Partnerships forum, which is the best place to find help.

Simply start a new post in here if you’re:

  • Looking for help in a particular location (e.g. you have a client with a remote office and you need someone to go onsite); or
  • Looking for help with a particular product (e.g. you picked up a new client with a Meraki Firewall and you don’t know how to use it so want someone with Meraki experience to help you get around it)

Or, if you need quick support, you can always check our Tribal Map for members in the area where you need help, and reach out to them directly. Just keep in mind:

  • Not everyone has capacity for extra work; so not everyone that you reach out to will be able to provide you with assistance. Some may not even reply, don’t take it personally though, just make sure you reach out to a number of different Tribers in the area for the best chance of getting a response.
  • With thousands of members spread across the Globe, we can’t vouch for any of our Tribe Members. So always make sure to perform your own due diligence on any MSP/Vendor/Partner that you want to work with before putting them in touch with your clients.

Either way, when working with another MSP, whether you found them on The Tech Tribe or somewhere else, you can always use the template for The IT Partner Agreement to make sure that you and your newfound partner have something in writing to set expectations and live happily ever after (or you know, for the duration of the agreement ? ).

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