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How do I start a User Group (Mini-Tribe) for a Vendor / Product?

If you’re a Vendor serving the MSP Industry or just a raving fan of a particular product and you’d like us to consider creating a dedicated User Group for that product, simply shoot us an email at help@thetechtribe.com 

These User Groups show up in the Mini-Tribes section of the portal like this:

We typically create User Groups based on industry demand, which means we likely won't create groups for obscure, very low-use products in the MSP space.

These User Groups exist for our members to have a dedicated / safe space to talk about MSP Industry Products.

And members need to specifically JOIN a User Group to be notified about posts in it, which helps avoid the main Community Forums from being overwhelming with too much product specific discussions. 

We also allow Vendors to join their Products User Group and encourage them to assign someone from their Community Team or Client Support team to monitor the User Group to help with any questions they can answer.

Keeping in mind, User groups are "Vendor Assisted", not "Vendor Managed".

This means we don't allow vendors to control or moderate the discussions in any way so that MSP Members can feel safe that their posts won't be deleted or moderated.

We work extremely hard to make the Tribe a safe space for both MSPs and Vendors to hang out together and have professional discourse and respectful conversations as we believe this is vitally important for our Industry. 

However, if you spot a post that breaks any of our Community Guidelines, please report it to us by clicking on the Ellipsis Menu and then Report and our moderation team will review ASAP:


When we create a new User Group, we create a single news thread so the Vendor has a place they can post relevant news in.

(e.g. new feature release, upcoming event etc)

This thread is called "<Product Name> News Thread" and it will be pinned up the top of the Discussion list.

Vendors can only post their news as replies inside that news thread to avoid all the end-user initiated threads from being drowned out in the main Discussion view by excessive vendor posts.

(this unfortunately happened in the past, which is why we had to set it up this way).


If you're a Vendor and you'd like us to update the header graphics for the User Group for your Product, email them to help@thetechtribe.com

We'll need both a logo file that goes in the round circle and the bigger background graphic. 

BACKGROUND: 970px x 166px
PROFILE LOGO: Square and setup to fit in a circle profile photo

Note: whilst you're welcome to add URLs to your site in the graphic, any graphics excessively promotional will be rejected. We don't want the Tribe to look like Times Square ;-)

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