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Tribal Perks Requirements

A Tribal Perk is a FREE listing of your Product or Service inside our Membership Platform where you offer our Tech Tribe Members an Exclusive Bonus or Discount ? 

The reason it’s FREE is that instead of us charging you to be listed in front of our members, we instead ask you to allocate that budget as an exclusive Bonus or Discount to our members.

Here’s a short video showing you exactly what Tribal Perks look like.

(you can also apply on that page – but please read the below ? requirement before you do)


The main requirement you need to have before we will approve your listing request is that you have a product or service that specifically helps MSPs or that you have a publicly advertised MSP Channel Partner Program.

We vet all applications before we add them to make sure that your offering is MSP Specific and is intentionally serving and supporting MSP and ITSP.

The reason we have to do this, is if we allowed any general vendors to list a Tribal Perk we would end up with 1000’s of non-MSP specific offerings in there, which would dilute the section and make it hard for our members to find the MSP Specific offers amongst all the generic listings.

This wouldn’t be a good experience for our members and since the Tribal Perks section exists solely to provide value to our members, we work hard to keep it high QUALITY (not high QUANTITY? 

We want to see intentionality behind your service & support of the MSP Industry ? 

To make it easy, here’s some examples of offerings that would be allowed:

  • A SaaS or Software Vendor that specifically serves MSPs or ITSPs
  • An MSP Specific Payments Company that has direct integrations into the MSP specific PSA Systems
  • A Wholesale Telco Provider that has an MSP Specific Channel Partner Program

Here are some examples of vendors that wouldn’t currently be allowed:

  • A Global Payment Provider that doesn’t have any MSP Specific offering or integrations into MSP Specific tools
  • A Wholesale VoIP Company that doesn’t have an MSP Specific Channel Partner Program that is publicly promoted

Please Note: if you don’t currently have some sort of publicly available webpage (or similar) that specifically talks about how you help MSPs or that talks about your Channel Partner Program, then your Tribal Perk likely won’t be approved.


If you’re looking to break into the MSP Industry and are looking for ways to get in front of an MSP Audience and talk directly to them, we aren’t the best place to help you out as we don’t allow Vendors to directly contact our members, solicit feedback or promote to them (more details here).

If that’s what you’re looking for, then you might consider talking to the following MSP Membership organizations who all have (paid) sponsorship programs that will allow you to present to and talk to their MSP Members.

  • SMBiT Professionals (Australia)
  • ASCII Group (USA)
  • Network Group (USA)

Hope that helps ?✌

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