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Can I use an email address like info@, accounts@, or sales@ to join?

The CRM system that we use (ActiveCampaign) for some reason doesn’t like working with generic role based email addresses such as info@ admin@ & sales@ and quite often won’t send emails to those addresses with no rhyme or reason ? 

We have asked them a few times to consider adjusting their policy, however each time they say No.

So, if you use a generic role based email address like info@ accounts@ or sales@ to sign up to the Tech Tribe, you may end up having odd issues with your membership (and we certainly don’t want that to happen).

And, if you ask us to update your email address to a generic role based one, we’ll reply and ask you to consider another email address.

If the reason you’re wanting to use a generic email address is so you can easily share your Tech Tribe account with other members of your team, then did you know you can actually give them all their own individual Tech Tribe membership for free. More details are here.

If the reason you’re wanting to update the email address so that Invoices go to your Account Department, then we recommend you do this instead.

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