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How does Email sending work with Growably?

There's 3 different ways to send emails using Growably:



We don't recommend you use this option - here's why.

Out of the box, your Growably account is configured to send emails using our sub-domain @email.growably.com

This means your emails will all need to be something like <yourname>@email.growably.com (which looks unprofessional since you're using our brand, not yours - this is why we don't recommend it).

We have asked High-Level to disable this option by default, however they haven't done it yet, so unfortunately it still exists. 

OPTION #2 - LC EMAIL (Recommend to Start)

LC Email is the fully integrated email option that is easy to setup and easy to manage. 

To configure it, simply head to Settings -> Email Services

Your emails will be sent via High-Level and they bill us directly for your usage. We give you very generous monthly sending allowances for free so most Tech Tribe members will never pay anything (more details here).

The only (slight) downside with this option is that you are beholden to High-Level's email deliverability reputation.

Whilst they work very hard to maintain a good sending reputation among their shared pool of IP Addresses, issues can happen from time to time where one of their clients sends spam and get an IP blacklisted.

(every single Email Sending Tool in the world has this issue from time to time, High-Level is not alone here)

If you ever notice this happening, let us know via help@thetechtribe.com and we'll let High-Level know ASAP. 

OPTION #3 - YOUR OWN SMTP PROVIDER (Recommended for Advanced Emailers)

If you want ultimate control over your email sending and deliverability, then you can add your own SMTP Provider so you don't have to use LC Email. 

There's two ways to do this - more details here. 

We're lucky High-Level offers this feature as most Marketing Automation CRMs (such as InfusionSoft/Keap & ActiveCampaign) force their users to use their SMTP servers to send all your emails and give you no control. 

This means you are beholden to the vendor to make sure that they keep their Shared IP Pools free of spammers, so your emails aren’t blacklisted (happens all the time).

We love this flexibility and wish other Marketing Automation tools would follow suit.

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