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How do I add my team to the Tribe?

When you join The Tech Tribe – we want you AND your whole team to succeed ? 

So unlike other organisations – we don’t penalize or charge you extra fees if you want to give access to the Tech Tribe to your whole team.

Instead, we encourage it ? 

(and have built a system to make it super easy for you)

So, if you’ve got any team members you’d like to add simply head to this page and you can add your entire team for free.

The page looks like this:

An account will automatically be setup for them and as you add them, they’ll immediately be sent an email with their login credentials and a brief intro to the Tech Tribe.

(make sure you let your team know you are creating an account for them so they know to expect the email and don’t just delete it thinking it’s a phishing attack / spam etc)

The Guidelines (we gotta have some rules  ? )

  • If you PAUSE or CANCEL your account or it gets marked as UNPAID – all your Extra Team Members accounts will also be disabled. They will be re-enabled when you reactivate.
  • Each team member must be a member of your internal staff. Contractors, including external marketing agencies and outside MSP’s that you partner with do not qualify (even if they have an email with your domain for white-labeling purposes). If they want to join the Tribe, they need to purchase their own membership with all the same great benefits (including adding their own team for free ?  )
  • Adding an external Marketing Agency / Freelancer is not allowed, however for the Monthly Marketing Packs, we send you an email each month with a direct download link to the full pack of all the monthly materials. You can either forward this to your external Marketing person or create a rule in your Outlook / G-Suite to auto-forward it to them so you don’t ever have to lift a finger. NOTE: You can add your external marketing agency to your Growably tenant, this restriction does not apply to Growably. 
  • If you have used a free email provider (e.g. Gmail / Hotmail), you won’t be able to access the Extra Team Member Management system until you update your email address to your company email domain. You can do that here.
  • And, last but not least – if we find anyone has given a Tech Tribe membership to someone outside of their internal team, we’ll cut off their legs and banish them from the Tribe immediately

(unfortunately over the years, we’ve had a few people try this and our tracking systems picked it up each time – we know the majority of the Tribe [including you] are awesome, highly ethical legends – but there are always a few unethical thieves out there that force us to have guidelines like this ?)


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