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How is GST managed for Aussies?

As you’ll see in this article, we have decided to stick with US dollars as our method of payment for the Tech Tribe.

And as our HQ is in Australia – we still need to abide by Australian laws and charge 10% GST to our fellow Aussie Tribers.

We could have increased the membership price across the board for everyone and then just pay the ATO the GST component for all our Aussie members.

But instead of raising the price – we decided to automatically add GST on only for our Aussie members (who can claim it back anyway).

So, the way it works is like this:

If you choose “Australia” when you sign up – our shopping cart automagically adds 10% for GST on to your membership.

E.g. The system will add $4.90 USD onto the monthly $49 USD making it a total of $53.90 USD

This means that when your bookkeeper converts it back to Australian dollars – the GST component is still the same percentage of whatever the Aussie dollar conversion comes through at.

(most accounting software figures this out automatically – bit the easy formula is to divide by 11 to get the GST amount and times that number by 10 to get the GST exclusive amount).

Make sure your bookkeeper codes this properly as you will then be able to claim the GST amount back on your BAS Statement (assuming you are registered for GST).

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