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Should I Email or Physically Post my Printed Newsletter?

The name “Printed Newsletter” should give you a little hint ? 

The reality is that test after test after test by marketers have typically always proven that Printed Newsletters get FAR more impact than an Email one.

Think about it, most people LOVE receiving things in the post, especially newsletters ? 

Yet most people HATE receiving newsletters in their already crowded Inbox and simply setup rules to filter them out, or ignore them completely ? 

So ideally you should send your printed newsletters physically.

In every country around the world, there’s lots and lots of Print & Logistics shops who can do this very cost effectively for you with barely input from you at all.

However, if you really want to cut down on printing / postage costs, you might consider just sending an electronic / PDF version of your newsletter to your existing clients (since they’re already in your world) and still sending a Physical copy out to Prospects for the bigger impact.

Personally, if I had an MSP today I absolutely would be sending a printed newsletter physically to all of my existing clients in addition to my Prospect List. The extra few dollars it’ll cost you per client each month will often turn into a much higher ROI with referrals and retention.

If you’re really strapped for cash right now, then at a bare minimum send it out as a PDF to any Prospects in your world.

You’d normally do this by uploading it somewhere on your website and then sending them a super simple email with a link directly to it. Something is still better than nothing.

Something like this:

Hi <Name>

We’ve just put the finishing touches on our monthly TECH NEWS.

It’s full of tips, tricks and education to help you get more out of your Technology.

Download your copy here.



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